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Steven Laureys

Steven Laureys

The No-Nonsense Sleep Expert

Like Matthew Walker, world-renowned neurologist Steven Laureys also advocates a good night’s sleep. In The No-Nonsense Sleep Book, for example, the sequel to his equally notable The No-Nonsense Meditation Book.

In recent years, the immense success of the latter book – published in more than fifteen languages – has caused Laureys’ sleep research to fade somewhat into the background. But make no mistake: sleep is also very much on his mind! On the one hand, because his research has shown how important sleep is for our memory and how our brain is able to develop new skills at night. On the other, because we are not doing enough with our growing knowledge about sleep.

“All studies show that the intellectual performance of sleep-deprived people is lower,” he told Belgian newspaper De Morgen. “Making big decisions after endless meetings, where you can’t actually think properly anymore, is therefore a stupid idea.” Laureys also advocates starting the school day much later: “If you need to force a kid to get up, you go against his nature. Kids just have a different biorhythm. So yes, I think in our modern society we need to adapt to that.”