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Corneel Cannaerts & Michiel Helbig

Corneel Cannaerts & Michiel Helbig

Compressed City

Compressed City is an ongoing project developed by Fieldstation Studio that explores the impact of distributed networked technologies on how we inhabit, design and experience cities. The project consists of three parts: Tracing Compressed City is an immersive projection made with custom software which produces a series of generative isometric drawings that explore the concept of Compressed City. The drawings are generated from a dynamic and ‘work in progress’ archive that maps out a collection of drawn, modelled, collaged, or scraped components from Compressed City in four categories: landscapes, structures, agents & data. Navigating Compressed City is a narrative and documentary video installation that immerses the viewer in Compressed City and explores it through different scales and perspectives.

All components in the archive are described by a selection of tags and other metadata that allow for detecting connections between them. Decoding Compressed City reveals the hidden connections and affinities in the archive, composes data connections between the landscapes, structures & data and generates speculative sceneries populated with agents.

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