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Sibylle Vonesch

Sibylle Vonesch

Running the VIB Laboratory for Genome Editing and Systems Genetics

Sibylle Vonesch is a group leader at the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology and a part-time assistant professor at KU Leuven. She holds a Bachelor in Biology and Biochemistry, and received her MSc degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2009 from the University of Zurich. For her doctoral research in quantitative and systems genetics, she joined the group of Ernst Hafen at ETH Zurich.

In 2015, she moved to Heidelberg for her post-doc with Lars Steinmetz at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. Her post-doc research focused on genomics and high-throughput genome editing technology development in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Later on, in 2021, Vonesch established her VIB Laboratory for Genome Editing and Systems Genetics group in Leuven. It develops CRISPR-based tools to precisely modify the genomes and transcriptomes of microbes at scale, for use in high-throughput screening approaches. The lab uses these technologies to better understand how differences at the level of genotype translate to individual differences in phenotype, using yeast as a model system.

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