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Simon Thierrée

Simon Thierrée

Creating and Performing Music for Dance Pieces

Simon Thierrée graduated from the Conservatoire National de Musique de Rennes in France in Music Education, Violin and Composition in 1997. He followed a subsequent course of Jazz with Pierre Blanchard, and much later went back to classical music with the maestro Igor Tkatchouk, to finally graduate as conductor at Brussels Royal Conservatory in 2020. He devoted himself to composition and interpretation of music for the stage in various circus companies: Les Oiseaux Fous, Rital Brocante, Circo Bidone, Roberto Magro, etc.

The musician joined the group of contemporary dancers Les SlovaKs, for whom he created and performed compositions and improvisations. Since 2006, he often composed for dance performances from the likes of Rodrigo Pardo, Anton Lachky, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Milan Tomasik, Mohamed “Ben Fury” Benaji and Joost Vrouenraets in Belgium, Finland, USA, Italy, Brazil and The Netherlands, amongst others. He also produced, directed and conducted soundtracks for films and commercials.