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Experimenting with Sound Manipulation, Synthesizing, Sampling and Overdubbing

Jürgen De Blonde has been (de)constructing music as Köhn since 1997. He works at the forefront of Belgian avant-garde, experimenting with techniques like sound manipulation, synthesizing, sampling and overdubbing. As such, he injects a wide variety of influences into his work, resulting in a blend of hypnagogic pop, abstract noise and everything in between (i.e. IDM, glitch, shoegaze, krautrock, ambient, musique concrète, etcetera).

De Blonde was also part of the legendary post-rock band De Portables, and he is now a guest lecturer (on both Sound & Editing and 3D Sound) at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent, where also runs the LUCAsound Lab.

At FTI Gent, he is one of nine musicians to play the EMS Synthi 100. In fact, De Blonde has already made music on the legendary synthesizer! “It’s a beautiful and gigantic piece of furniture that looks like the control panel of a spaceship. It also feels like playing Battleship when you’re pushing pins in the patch bays – you don’t use patch cables but connector pins. It all looks impressive and a tad intimidating at first, until you get to know the machine.”