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Victor Verhelst

Victor Verhelst

Merging Live Visuals with Sonic Landscapes

Victor Verhelst is a visual artist whose work takes the viewer on a journey through surreal landscapes, where colours explode in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and shapes dance to the rhythm of invisible electronic waves. With each ‘brushstroke’, each electronically generated pattern, he presents the viewer with a glimpse of the cyber landscapes in his head. Here, between the boundaries of the physical and the non-physical, stories unfold beyond the pixelated surface, where the artist acts as a guide in a world that feels both familiar and alien.

At Despacio’s official afterparty with Nosedrip and Mama Snake, Victor Verhelst’s live visuals will seamlessly merge with the sonic landscape created by the two DJs. Imagine a dynamic symphony of light, colour and shapes – embracing and enhancing the music, and feeding off the audience to build an abstract, immersive universe.