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Dorien Bauwens

Dorien Bauwens

Gaining Valuable Insights with Smart and Secure Data

Dorien Bauwens worked for Digitaal Vlaanderen for eight years. As a result, she is very familiar with how government works and how it can reuse personal data in a secure and efficient way to improve public services.

As Lead Business Development, Bauwens is nowadays closely involved in the Solid program of athumi, an independent public company that fosters the data economy. She deals with personal data space, because by making data smart and secure, it is possible to gain valuable insights towards innovation, better services and the development of new applications for businesses.

“The great thing about working at athumi is that we’re not just in the business of technological innovation,” says Bauwens. “It’s almost always connected to projects around mobility, energy, media and health, among others. For I am a generalist with a broad field of interest. I am fascinated by the technological aspects, the potential and the risks of innovation, but also by the legal issues and creating common ground among all parties involved.”

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