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Floris Vanhoof

Everything Is Connected

Floris Vanhoof is interested in hybrid forms of music, film and other arts. Modular synth sounds and 16mm film projections are central to his work. Working with synths, whereby electronic sound modules are connected by cables, Vanhoof became convinced that all possible instruments and ideas can be connected. Today, he translates sound into image (and vice versa) by connecting media that are not always compatible.

How does our perception work and what new perspectives emerge that way? How does this change the way we look and listen? And how are observations coloured by our imagination?

The artist makes his instruments and installations himself. They are laboratory models that explore the interface between image, light and sound. As a media archaeologist, he also likes nothing more than to confront the modern, digital viewer with flickering 16mm film and slideshows – things that are doomed to disappear. He deliberately chooses those analogue technologies because of the transparency of the working process and the broad dynamic range. At the same time, Vanhoof aims to question our current viewing and listening patterns through things that used to be considered high-tech.