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Annelies Declercq

Annelies Declercq

Advancing the Field of Aquaculture and Promoting the Well-Being of Aquatic Animals

Professor Annelies Declercq, PhD, is a distinguished aquaculture expert and the director of the Lab of Aquaculture and Artemia Reference Center at Ghent University. With an extensive academic background, she holds a PhD in Fish Diseases from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Merelbeke, Belgium, complemented by a Master’s degree in Aquaculture from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering in Ghent, Belgium.

With over 35 papers published in reputable scientific journals, Declercq has made significant contributions to the field. As an Associate Professor, she oversees two prominent international training programs: the Master of Science in Aquaculture and the Erasmus program Aquatic Animal Health. Next to studying Artemia as food species and as a model organism for shrimp, her research focuses on various facets of aquatic animal health, including disease control and management in aquaculture systems such as recirculating systems, offshore and multi-use setups.

Furthermore, she conducts microbiological investigations, utilizing advanced techniques such as PCR (qPCR and multiplex), and explores topics related to antimicrobial resistance, animal welfare, disease infection models for both freshwater and marine fish, as well as sustainable alternatives for fish waste. Declercq’s expertise and research endeavours significantly advance the field of aquaculture and promote the well-being of aquatic animals globally.

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