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Stephane Berghmans

Stephane Berghmans

CEO Technopolis

Stephane Berghmans, born and raised in Leuven, is a visionary leader and passionate advocate for science and technology. With a background in Chemistry from KU Leuven, he has established a solid foundation for his career in research and development, primarily focused on innovation.

In the autumn of 2016, Stephane became the CEO of Technopolis, where he combines his love for science and technology with his leadership qualities to steer the organization to new heights. His clear vision is to encourage and equip young people to shape the future by enhancing their STEM literacy.

Outside his professional life, Stephane enjoys precious moments with his family, especially with his 13-year-old daughter. Together, they explore the world during vacations. Stephane Berghmans remains an inspiring figure within and beyond Technopolis, always dedicated to inspiring and guiding the youth towards a future full of possibilities.