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7PM - 10PM
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The Talks — Day 1

Wintercircus 03

Over the course of three evenings, the Wintercircus entertains a series of inspiring lectures for the curious. Yes, you! Each time, we invite four innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders to talk about - in a nutshell - becoming a better version of yourself.

On Tuesday 19 March, the talks centre on sleep, neuroscience, mental resilience and preventive medicine. With such (inter)national authorities as Matthew Walker (Why We Sleep), Elke Geraerts (Better Minds at Work), Steven Laureys (The No-Nonsense Sleep Book) and Joeri Tulkens (IntelliProve).

19.00 Doors + discover Wintercircus and visit The Expo by ArcelorMittal, a unique mix of history, technology, art & wonder

20.00 Immersive Keynotes
Matthew Walker
Elke Geraerts
Steven Laureys
Joeri Tulkens

22.00 Have a drink at Bar Bougie, the Wintercircus pop-up bar

23.00 End