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Making Clubs Erupt Like a Volcano Since 2010

About ten years ago, Ostend-based Nosedrip – Ziggy Devriendt’s nom de plume – went from somewhat of a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t presence on Belgium’s fringe electronic music scene to a firm fixture on the burgeoning leftfield landscape across the globe. Thanks in no small part to his staggering 30,000+ Mixcloud following, his NTS radio show and his pioneering platform, a unique mixture of oddball playlists and distinctive aesthetics which he successfully turned into a label imprint.

Described by Nosedrip as “the girl that won’t return your love but is totally worth it”, specialises in both archival releases from the likes of Alain Pierre, Patrick Stass, Jo Bogaert and Latvian avant-gardists NSRD to new-fashioned music by Alex Defore & Charlotte Jacobs, Sergeant and Merope. As a DJ too, Nosedrip still revels in his outsider status – setting moods like no other and playing otherworldly tunes that make clubs erupt even harder than the Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland in 2010 – not coincidentally the year he played his first record as a DJ.