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Mama Snake

Mama Snake

In the Relatively Small League of DJs that Equally Embody Reverence and Obscurity

Queen of the Danish techno scene known for her post-punk underground dynamism and 140 BPM kicks.” That’s how Dour announced Mama Snake at last year’s festival. “Here to satisfy 90s techno purists and trance revivalists!”

Mama Snake first garnered attention as part of Copenhagen’s now-disbanded Apeiron Crew. She entered the techno scene with a fully formed sound, including rattlesnake beats and emotional synths. With a hardcore fandom of devoted dancers and an aura of enigma, Mama Snake (real name Sara Svanholm) is definitely in the relatively small league of DJs that equally embody reverence and obscurity. Though as of late, she has been playing at ever more renowned festivals and clubs such as Draaimolen, Dekmantel, Horst, C12 and De School.

At the same time, she’s quite busy balancing her life as a techno DJ with her job as a – no kidding – qualified surgeon. In other words, with our focus on healthcare, she’s FTI Gent’s quintessential DJ.