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Dijf Sanders

Dijf Sanders

Combining a Broad Mix of Styles with a Boundless Artistic Approach

Dijf Sanders was a member of the (synth)pop bands Teddiedrum and The Violent Husbands. As a solo artist, he first got everyone excited in 2016 with the exotica-oriented album Moonlit Planetarium, an experimental clash between percussive, ethnic sounds and rather Western beats, occasionally topped off with his mysterious vocals. Ever amazed by the external world and its natural surroundings, the Belgian producer quickly turned even more towards the unknown for inspiration. After celebrated albums based on field trips to Indonesia (Java, 2017) and Nepal (Puja, 2020), he found himself challenged once again last year by the traditional chants from Georgia with the Supra album.

The multi-instrumentalist and composer combines a broad mix of styles with a boundless artistic approach. He’s almost always working on various projects, collaborations and productions at the same time. In fact, lately, he worked with Warhaus, Sylvie Kreusch, Mattias De Craene’s MDCIII and Wim Vandekeybus, to name but a few. Though he also still found some time to create a couple of hypnotising soundscapes for The Expo by ArcelorMittal inside Wintercircus.