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Morphing Different Sorts of Music Into a Special Type of Unity

Vlada has been spinning around for over fifteen years. In every possible way. Born in Moscow, the DJ now resides in Berlin, from where she regularly dives into the global electronic music scene. As a result of her constant traveling, she knows no conventional boundaries. Immersing herself in different scenes – each with its cultural peculiarities – Vlada juggles a variety of genres.

With her singular approach, she aims to morph these different sorts of music into a special type of unity. Some of this is down to her father, an avid jazz and funk collector whose love for vinyl inspired his daughter’s affection for digging. Sonically speaking, Vlada offers the hypnotic basslines and mixing style commonly associated with Eastern Europe. Though it’s evident from her phenomenal DJ sets that she has steadily created a (wicked) style of her own.