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Roman Hiele

Roman Hiele

Mixing Roguish Electronica, Synthetic Jazz & Sonoric Underwater Fun

The impressive list of impressive labels on which (Roman) Hiele has already released records ought to say something about his impressive oeuvre. The labels in question are Stroom, Ultra Eczema, Ekster, YYAA Recordings and his own boutique Universal Exports. How to describe his oeuvre? That’s really up for debate, as nothing will ever completely cover the load. Let’s give it a try anyway: a mix of roguish electronica, synthetic jazz and sonoric underwater fun.

Also good to know: over the past ten years, Hiele has made music for films, theatre productions, performances, catwalks and art installations. And during FTI Gent, he’ll make some on the legendary EMS Synthi 100.