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Phillip Blondeel

Phillip Blondeel

Combining Complex Reconstruction Techniques with Delicate Actions in Aesthetic Surgery

Professor Phillip Blondeel is a world authority on breast reconstruction. Since becoming a plastic surgeon in 1994, he has been active in Leuven, where he obtained his PhD and started working as head of clinic at the university hospital, and Ghent, where he currently heads the Department of Plastic Surgery at UZ Gent and is a professor at the Ghent University.

Blondeel specialises in complex transplants of human tissue within the same body, such as autologous breast reconstruction after cancer, and transplants between different people, including facial transplants.

Combining complex reconstruction techniques with delicate actions in aesthetic surgery enables him to solve even the most difficult cases of failed breast and facial surgery. Furthermore, he produces pioneering research work that not only reduces complications in surgical procedures but also reduces the impact on the human body.

Phillip Blondeel

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