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Pieter Josson

Pieter Josson

Mapping (and Helping) the Human Body Using DNA and Sugar Level Analyses

“In the healthcare sector, digitisation is only slowly penetrating,” Pieter Josson told business magazine Sterck. “Especially in primary care.” But things are definitely picking up, as the number of Belgian and Dutch dieticians, sports coaches and orthomolecular therapists now using Josson’s BiometrIQ platform continues to grow. No wonder, really, because by mapping the human body using DNA and sugar level analyses, the system really has a positive impact on their clients’ lives. Personalising nutritional advice, boosting motivation, BiometrIQ does it in a flash.

“Despite the fact that we have increasingly accurate health data,” Josson says, “it was not yet used in this way in the world of nutritional advice.” Together with his co-founder Tijs Engelrelst, he saw a huge opportunity to provide professionals with new tools to improve their decision-making and get faster results. “It was also a conscious move from the outset not to offer our services directly to the end user. We went in search of partners whose expertise would allow them to translate the data into concrete advice on exercise, nutrition and health.”


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