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Kristel Demotte

Kristel Demotte

Exhibiting a Passion for Data That Is Inspiring and Infectious

Kristel Demotte is Global VP Data Solutions at Cegeka, one of Belgium’s largest independent IT integrators. Primed for a career in marine biology, she ended up choosing IT instead – a domain where she was able to ‘dive’ into her other passion: data and AI.

A self-made woman, Demotte has created her own career path – taking on a wide variety of ICT roles in quick succession, mainly at Avanade (from 2003 to 2016), then at Cegeka (2016 up until today). She knows what it means to be a developer, consultant, project manager, service delivery manager, unit manager, unit director and, finally, Global VP.

Kristel Demotte was elected Belgian ICT Woman of the Year 2022. She knows her tech, has a hands-on pragmatic approach and primes herself on a true servant leadership management style. People always come first. “Be and live your true authentic self” is one of her key principles. And in this, she leads by example – exhibiting an energetic passion for data that is inspiring and infectious. Not just within her unit, but across the entire organization.