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Joeri Tulkens

Joeri Tulkens

Measuring Heart Rate and Blood Pressure with a Simple Face Scan

“We are pioneers in health technology,” reads the website of Ghent-based start-up IntelliProve. And that’s no lie. The company of co-founder and CEO Joeri Tulkens is breaking new ground in the field of optical face measurement. It is developing a technology capable of measuring health parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure within thirty seconds by taking a ‘simple’ face scan ... with a tablet or smartphone.

“I used to work in a hospital,” the life sciences PhD recently told VRT NWS, “and I noticed that the health monitoring there was dated. Measuring took too long and was too complicated. Our technology simplifies the whole process. Moreover, the software is handy for teleconsultations and therefore also for people who cannot always get to a doctor easily.”

IntelliProve has already raised over a million euros in growth capital over the past few years from, among others, VLAIO and imec.istart Fund. It also won the top prize at the Belgium eAwards in 2022.


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