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Alexander De Waele

Alexander De Waele

How to Breathe Well (Through the Nose)

What constitutes healthy, correct breathing? Simple: nasal breathing! Our nose and sinuses are made to transport and process air. Moreover, they trigger several other processes, including regulating our body temperature, metabolism and blood pressure. So the mouth only serves as a 'back-up' airway, and yet we breathe through it extensively. With dire consequences. Because breathing too quickly and superficially through the mouth creates an imbalance of oxygen and carbon levels in the body.

Alexander De Waele has been practising Vinyasa & Yin yoga for more than fifteen years. He has also been a teacher at Yoga on Call for twelve years and wrote the book Yoga for Athletes (Lannoo). De Waele does strength training as well, but uses yoga there too to recover and improve his sports performance. And the common thread throughout any form of yoga is ... breathing. Because anyone who practices yoga is inevitably confronted with his breathwork.

At FTI Gent, Alexander De Waele teaches The Summit attendees to breathe correctly. He teaches you to breathe through the nose, to slow down your breathing and to regulate it. There are various techniques for doing this and some are centuries old.