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Shalan Alhamwy

Shalan Alhamwy

Effortlessly Blending Western, Arabic and Turkish Music

Shalan Alhamwy is a versatile musician with roots in Syria and Belgium, excelling as a violinist, composer, teacher and photographer. With classical training and a diverse musical background in Western, Arabic and Turkish music, Alhamwy effortlessly blends styles in his musical performances and compositions. He has been commissioned by world-renowned orchestras, including the WDR Radio Orchestra and Kammersymphonie Berlin, and has written music for ensembles, films and TV shows.

Alhamwy performs with Damast Duo and is the artistic director of Jiraan Ensemble and Picea Orientalis. In 2019 and 2022, he was invited as an expert and commentator at the Queen Elisabeth Competition for violin and cello. He was previously a member of the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, the National Orchestra of Arabic Music and the Damascus Chamber Orchestra. On top of that, Alhamwy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Damascus University.