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Making Music with No Boxes to Tick or Expectations to Meet

Tsepo was never in a rush to get anywhere, but the last couple of years proved an invaluable opportunity to reflect. As a result, the Amsterdam producer became even more resolute in his goal to make music with no boxes to tick or expectations to meet.

His goal is to put out a couple of EPs a year on Dutch label Intercept. Tsepo makes music that touches on drum & bass, ambient and spaced-out breaks, with deep feelings and well-designed sounds that reveal more with each listen. It fits perfectly into one of his famously hypnotic sets, with subtle peaks and troughs that add to a compelling whole rather than just a series of quick thrills.

A former resident of Amsterdam’s Trouw and Shelter, Tsepo is now a regular at Radio Radio and De School. Often playing for more than five hours, he manages to nurture a vibe and evolve it throughout the night, leaving dancers somewhere very different than where they started. His cultured Realising Stuff radio shows are varied but coherent, storytelling and compelling.