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Jérôme Van Biervliet

Jérôme Van Biervliet

Running a Global Player in Life Sciences and Bio Tech

“We are world-class,” VIB managing director Jérôme Van Biervliet told the Belgian news magazine Knack upon his appointment, “but that doesn’t always get recognised.” With degrees from Ghent University and Cornell University under his belt and a PhD from KU Leuven in molecular neuroscience, Van Biervliet spent the past twenty years building a career in the medical, biotechnology and business world.

In 2009, he joined VIB, a research institute that has a focus on ground-breaking strategic basic research in life sciences and biotechnology, promotes entrepreneurship and works closely with the five universities in Flanders. Besides its staggering expertise, VIB also offers hundreds of patents to (inter)national companies in the food, biopharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. It has thus effectively grown into a global player and remains committed to the growth of Flanders as a biotech cluster.

VIB - Jérôme Van Biervliet

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