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Sigrid Sterckx

Sigrid Sterckx

On the Ethical Dilemmas of Using Data in Healthcare

To measure is to know. But just like the digitalisation of care, all that data about your health also creates ethical dilemmas. And that’s where Sigrid Sterckx comes in as Professor of Ethics at Ghent University. Sterckx is a founding member of the Bioethics Institute Ghent, and she conducts research into patent protection in biomedicine and genomics, human tissue and biobanking, organ transplantation, neuroscience, criminal law and ethics, and end-of-life decisions, among others.

The professor is also a permanent research associate at the Centre for Health, Law, and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford, and she is part of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, Department of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. Furthermore, she advises the federal government with the Belgian Bioethics Advisory Committee, and sits on the Ethics Committee of the Ghent University Hospital.

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