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María Boto Ordoñez & Elias Heuninck

María Boto Ordoñez & Elias Heuninck


Maria Boto is responsible for Laboratorium, the experimental lab for art, design and biotechnology at KASK. This lab explores interactions between art, science and technology. Her main research interest is the search for alternative and sustainable colouring materials.

Elias Heuninck uses the image of the landscape for various experiments with digital means. His works involve different media, but they always touch on the material of film and the notion of cinema. By changing the perspective in space, on paper, or in a digital data file, he gently disorients the audience.

In this collaborative research, Heuninck and Boto Ordoñez film processes that happen in a Petri dish. The short videos are presented as capsules, testimonies to the experiments they have carried out.

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