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Henk Rijckaert

Henk Rijckaert

Turning Young People’s Ideas for ‘More Fun Mobility’ Into Reality

Ghent’s open laboratory COMON has enlisted the help of Flemish comedian Henk Rijckaert, who is set to work with primary school pupils during FTI Gent. Together, they will turn their ideas for ‘more fun mobility’ in the city of the future into reality.

Because let’s face it: Henk Rijckaert is our very own MacGyver. But with a degree in industrial engineering, and a background in agriculture and biology. The comedian was once called the funniest do-it-yourselfer by Belgian newspaper De Standaard, and that is no lie. In his brand-new comedy show Apocalyps, Rijckaert wonders what skills he has to survive the end of the world, but you should know that he already rolled up his sleeves in his 2019 show Maker and as founder of the now annual Maker Faire in Ghent. And then, of course, there are his popular Koterij videos on YouTube, in which he “makes stuff”.