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Koen Kas

Koen Kas

The Healthcare Futurist

Koen Kas is a healthcare futurist. His goal? To make healthcare personalised, preventive and – seriously, though – delightful. The professor of molecular oncology and digital health aims to illustrate how we can create a world where no one gets sick anymore. His keynotes on the future of healthcare serve as inspiration for developing digital health strategies worldwide. Beyond pills, so to speak.

“The real revolution is the biological revolution,” says Kas. “Just think about combining genome and protein analysis with facial recognition. Or the use of AI algorithms in visualising motor skills and analysing a baby’s or toddler’s speech to enable the preventive screening of children. This revolution is just around the corner, and it comes none too soon in times of expensive drugs either.”

During FTI Gent, Koen Kas explains why he no longer thinks we have to prevent disease. And he does so by introducing a new way to deal with personal data, on a novel version of the internet.