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Servaas Bingé

Servaas Bingé

What’s with the Healthitude!?

“As doctors, we are trained to connect symptoms to diagnoses, and to know which pill goes with it,” according to GP Servaas Bingé. “But when I started working as a sports doctor with the cycling team Lotto Soudal, the athletes did not ask me to solve a problem. They asked how to stay healthy. And I didn’t know the answer to that. Even though I had studied for years.”

For Bingé, that was the moment to radically change course, study some more, put prevention first and create the ‘healthitude’ (i.e. develop an attitude where your health comes first). He has already written several books on the subject, mixing science with humour and self-reflection. His debut book Nooit meer naar de dokter (Never See a Doctor Again) grew into a classic, and with the recent De klik (The Click) he offers people the keys to lasting behavioural change.