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Micha Volders

Micha Volders

Creating a Harmonious Aesthetic from Broken and Destroyed Sounds

Micha Volders is a Belgian producer, musician and imagemaker. Since his teenage years – he’s a kid of the 1990s – Volders has been experimenting with 4-track cassettes, lo-fi recording and electronica. Later on, as an avid illustrator and stop-motion adept, he also obtained a master’s degree in animation.

As a musician, Volders is particularly interested in creating a harmonious aesthetic from broken and destroyed sounds, regularly using homemade or modified equipment and unorthodox recording methods. With his background in film, he often visually contextualises his music, in a search for tactile sound worlds.

Besides his own projects, such as Vermin Twins and Meteor Musik, he has produced albums for Gruppo Di Pawlowski and The Germans, amongst others. Since 2021, Micha Volders has been releasing his work under his own label Mutropia.