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Morgane Leten

Morgane Leten

Adopting the Menstrual Cycle as a Superpower

“I dance and I bleed. What’s your superpower?” This summer, Morgane Leten could be spotted at Pukkelpop, one of Belgium’s biggest music festivals, holding an eye-catching sign. Since 2020, the nutrition and menstrual health expert has been working hard to lift menstruation out of the taboo. For everyone with a uterus may menstruate 450 times in life, yet few know their cycle, let alone organise their lives accordingly. And that is a crying shame, Leten believes, because instead of using that cycle to their advantage, nine out of ten experience discomfort as a result.

Not only did Morgane Leten write a book about it, The Cycle Compass, but she also hosts the podcast of the same name. Equally important, however, are the supplements offered by her company Guud, which support both one’s health and menstrual cycle. But perhaps most importantly, Guud exclusively uses active and natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. “From the very beginning, we recruited people with a scientific background,” says Leten, “and fortunately those were easy to find in Belgium.”

At FTI Gent, Morgane Leten shares practical insights on the menstrual cycle, and on which lifestyle changes positively affect hormonal symptoms. She also explains how to eat and exercise in sync with your body’s shifting needs, effectively reducing PMS symptoms.

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