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The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Back to the Future (of Food) with Michelin chef Olly Ceulenaere

What will we eat in the future and - knowing that our eating habits are ever-changing and that we are facing many ecological challenges - do certain culinary classics still fit the bill? With these questions (and with Ons kookboek), Michelin star chef Olly Ceulenaere and biologist Maxime Willems will get to work at The Restaurant.

There are few Dutch-language books more legendary than Ons kookboek (Our Cookbook), a recipe book that was first printed in 1927 and has since sold more than 2.5 million copies. But flip through the various editions and you will see that the recipes for, say, asparagus à la flamande or meatballs in tomato sauce have been updated over the decades.

During FTI Ghent, Olly Ceulenaere (Publiek), together with biologist Maxime Willems (Proef) and Tim Nowé (Sir Catering), will tackle the question: what could the recipes for some of Flemish culinary classics look like in 2050? In The Restaurant, the pop-up eatery on the fourth floor of Wintercircus, they will serve a unique and delicious menu with the products, supply chain and ethical questions of 2050. Though without compromising on taste!

Curious? Book your table now, because The Restaurant only opens its doors eight times. Booking is possible via The number of tickets is what sets the size of your table. If you buy two tickets, you will get a table for two people. If you buy eight, you get a table for eight. Non-alcoholic pairing can be requested on the spot. For the vegan option, please send an email in advance to