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7PM - 10PM
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The Talks — Day 3

Wintercircus 01

Over the course of three evenings, the Wintercircus entertains a series of inspiring lectures for the curious. Yes, you! Each time, we invite four innovators, scientists, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders to talk about - in a nutshell - becoming a better version of yourself.

On Thursday 21 March, the focus will be on food and bio tech with top chef David Zilber, co-author of The Noma Guide to Fermentation, German algae expert Malu Lücking, Those Vegan Cowboys CEO Hille van der Kaa and The Restaurant visionaries Olly Ceulenaere & Maxime Willems.

19.00 Doors + discover Wintercircus and visit The Expo by ArcelorMittal, a unique mix of history, technology, art & wonder

20.00 Immersive Keynotes
Malu Lücking
David Zilber
Hille van der Kaa
Olly Ceulenaere & Maxime Willems

22.00 Have a drink at Bar Bougie, the Wintercircus pop-up bar

23.00 End