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Hetty Helsmoortel at NTGENT

Missie 23: Hetty Helsmoortel

The Most Exciting Science and Technology News of the Year - in a Witty Nutshell

For those who feel that the most important science and technology news constantly eludes their attention (and therefore do not even dare to register for the annual quiz night at their children’s school), Hetty Helsmoortel has been touring Flanders since 2021 with a kind of scientific end-of-year conference. Missie is an informative, but above all extremely entertaining show in which the popular scientist, writer and podcast maker lists the most important new insights and technologies of the past year. So that you would be fully up to speed again (and only have to memorise the names of the Belgian national football team for that next quiz night).

What to do if suddenly 99% of our theories about the universe turn out to be wrong? Will the extinct dodo come back to life? And how do we deal with fallen heroes in science? These are just some of the questions Helsmoortel asks herself in her brand-new show Missie 2023, with which the science watcher will surely leave you a little smarter again.