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Open Technology & Innovation Day

Peep Behind the Scenes of Flanders’ Innovative Tech Companies

FTI Gent puts the spotlight on Flemish companies, entrepreneurs and scientists who are breaking ground all over the world and are seen as innovative trailblazers. Especially from the booming bio & health tech scene. During the Open Technology and Innovation Day on Sunday 17 March, you will also have the chance to peep behind the scenes of some of those tech companies and see with your own eyes what makes them so unique and ground-breaking.

Because ask a hundred Flemings how many Flemish top chefs they know, and you'll have a hard time shutting them up: "Kobe! Olly! Peter! Sergio! Wout! Nick!" But ask the same one hundred people which Flemish technology companies are at the top of their game internationally, and chances are there will be a long pause. Yet by now, these innovators can no longer be counted on one, two or even ten hands, and it often boggles the mind to see the incredible things they are involved in.