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Despacio by 2manydjs & James Murphy — Day 1


The World’s Best Sound System Is (Finally) Coming to Ghent

Despacio, the trailblazing and world-renowned ‘immersive sound experience’ by 2manydjs and James Murphy, kicks off the innovation festival FTI Gent at the iconic Wintercircus on 16 and 17 March. It has often been described as the world’s best sound system, and it really is.

In July 2013, Ghent natives Stephen & David Dewaele and their New York counterpart James Murphy jettisoned the first decibels through what is undeniably a behemoth of a sound system: seven towering speakers, 48 McIntosh amplifiers and an impressive 50,000 watts.

Anyone who has experienced Despacio ever since in places like London, New York and Miami, or at festivals like Coachella and Sónar, knows that it is a unique sound experience. Lined up in a circle, the speakers not only look humongous, the system sounds so too. And with it, Stephen, David and James create a six-hour sensation every single time – often with unreleased edits created exclusively for Despacio. Moreover, the three only play on vinyl, as the sound system is specifically designed for that purpose.

Do not expect pounding techno music, by the way, because although the system is capable of literally blowing off the roof of the completely renovated Wintercircus – no, really, literally! – the three DJs are not looking to tear as many eardrums as possible. Despacio means slow in Spanish, and the aim is to take visitors on an aural trip.

Despacio is clubbing in its purest form – being in the moment, and feeling what music does to your body and mind. Despacio is happiness.


This just in! Inside De Krook, our next-door neighbour, there’s an EMS Synthi 100 – a legendary synthesizer of which only 30 were ever produced in the 1970s and only a few remain intact. In 2020, David & Stephen Dewaele produced a superb album on it: EMS Synthi 100 – DEEWEE Sessions Vol. 01.

On the occasion of Despacio, we’re transporting the iconic instrument to the brand-new music club inside Wintercircus. In order to create a truly unique, completely unprecedented and hypnotically spaced-out experience. Over the course of both days, the EMS Synthi 100 – serviced for the occasion by Orson ‘Transistorcake’ Wouters and Ivan Schepers – will be tinkered with by Micha Volders, Köhn, Floris Vanhoof, Ambisynics, Sagat, Roman Hiele, Mika Oki, Ossia and Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė.

A close collaboration with IPEM (Ghent University).