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Back to the Future (of Food) with Michelin chef Olly Ceulenaere

Food is such an integral part of our mental and physical wellbeing that we are set to open a pop-up eatery on the fourth floor of the Wintercircus. Aptly named The Restaurant. In it, Michelin star chef Olly Ceulenaere (Publiek) and food lab Proef founder Maxime Willems will spend a week wondering if classic Flemish dishes will survive, and what it will take to make that happen. The expert foodies will put together a – stating the obvious – delicious menu that – goes without saying – also takes into account the challenges of the future. Yes, they will factor in the dishes’ impact on the climate. No, they do not intend to compromise on taste … at all!

The Restaurant will open its doors eleven times only and cater to – give or take – one thousand epicureans. With a little help from Sir Catering. Ceulenaere and Willems will be working with the products, supply chain, ethics and questions of 2050, combining decades of tradition with decades of (future) innovation, and crossing culinary boundaries with scrumptious experiments and yummy R&D. Back to the future, and back to the kitchen.